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An extraordinary story that will change lives in how to follow Jesus


Tamrat's Bio

Tamrat Layne: Communist-atheist, guerilla fighter, political and military leader, Prime Minister, prisoner, a follower of Jesus within the life span of four decades of his life.

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, the capital of Eastern Africa nation Ethiopia, Tamrat was a political activist in the early and mid-seventies democratic movements dominated by university and high school students, which aspired to change the feudal aristocratic political system.

He continued his political activism in a political party against the military dictatorship that replaced the monarchy for more than seventeen years, out of which he fought in an armed struggle for fifteen years with the vision of establishing democracy and people’s government in his country.

In this war, Tamrat fought from a rank and file member of the army up to founding a political and armed organization, becoming its leader, overthrow the regime, became Prime Minister. Betrayed by his friends, he was thrown to jail and became a political prisoner for 12 years in solitary confinement in his attempt to change the country from communism to market-based policies. Jesus found him at the end of the fifth year while in prison, and his life transformed from a communist-atheist to becoming a disciple of Jesus.

Tamrat lives in the USA with his wife and two children since 2009. He is a speaker, leadership development, business, and policy consultant, small group developer traveling all over the world.        

Panama City - Speaking on The Purpose of Life

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